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First Snow of the Year

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Yesterday the first Snow came up here. Okay only very few tiny Snowflakes, but it was Snow! I dont like too much Snow when i have to drive my Car, but a snowy white Landscape has some special kind of Magic. So in SL i had to build my own little Snow Landscape and of course i need to build a Snowman…

These Boots by Berries Inc. keep my Feet warm and dry while i work in the Snow. The Tights are by LeeZu and are perfect if you want to wear Shorts during the Winter

The sexy Shorts and the fitting warm Sweater are by Mimikri. Winter Fashion can be soooo sexy and stylish!

The Necklace is a new Release by Vincenca Rosca called Wooden Beauty

Jesylilo did release this beautiful Xmas Skin. I love the blushing Cheeks and the red Lips, perfect Skin for a lovely Snow White Look

Hair by Alli & Ali, of course it had to be black to complete the Snow White Look of the Face

New Release @ and Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Posted in Chic Critique, Random with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 23, 2010 by ravensfashiondiary has two really hot new Releases this Week. If it starts freezing Outside just wear this and you´ll melt any Ice

This one is called “Siren” and im sure any Sailor would crash into Riffs seeing this.

The beautiful Heels are the new VIP Groupgift by Purrfect 10. Joining takes a Fee but it´s so worth it!

The lovely Updo is by Chichickie, just when i wrote this i got a Subscribo Message, 34 Fatpacks of this Updo are for Sale for only 95 L$ at the Mainstore, hurry to grab these!

The Necklace is by Vincenca Rosca and fits perfectly to the really deep cut Cleavage

The second Release by is called “Addiction”, and im sure you can imagine why it has this Name

The Lovely Hair is the first Hair Release by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. They already offer beautiful Skins and Shapes, a hot Clothing Line and now completing this with Hair. Yela comes in black and blonde (Oh, This Skin is by WDB too)

Finesmith style about…

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this week: FETISH

“Finesmith Jewelry style about….” a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there’s one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breath taking look that will take you to the finals. Intrepret the theme into your own vision and let’s see it on the runway.

How to be a part of the FINESMITH JEWELRY STYLE ABOUT..

1. Join the Finesmith group and be one of the followers of the blog and be updated for the latest release/new collections.

2.  During stylings, wear atleast one item from  Finesmith Jewelry. the rest of the styling to your choice
(you may wear other designers jewelry as well, we support our fellow designers- its all about style) .

3. The Finesmith Jewelry style about… will be juried by designers, agency owners, photographers and more. Its a good exposure to all aspiring models to shine on the runway.
4.  Every week there will be  a theme. every friday at 9amslt
research the subject and style the perfect outfit.
 October 8: 1st week- steampunk

October 15: 2nd week- Kitsch

October 22:  3rd week- Manierism

October 29: 4th week- Surrealism

November 5: 5th week- Classic

November 12: 6th week- Avante Garde

November 19: 7th week- fetish

November 26: 8th week- white

DEcember 3: 9th week- contemporary

December 10: 10th week- Fashion Icon

December 17: 11 th week Final week theme to be announced ( all the 10 winners will compete with each other in this week)

5. In a NC write your styling description and what inspired you to create that syle. Put in your modeling resume and rename the card (Example: Finesmith style about…- Yula Finesmith)
Send your NCs to YULA FINESMITH untile 6AM every friday. No NC no chance to show your stylings on the runway.

6. Contest will start OCTOBER 8 at 9am slt
7. ** the wiinner of the WEEKLY STYLINGS will have a chance to move on the finals

9. please make sure the date for the final event is available for you incase you will be a finalist.

Attention: this contest is also casting to our Diva’s group- most of you will be invited to become a Finesmith Diva – this is a chance to represent finesmith in the store as live model and on our vendors, in fashion shows, inworld events, and print model for finesmith in the most known SL magazines.


1. 25,000L cash prize
2. the winner in the finals will be crowned MS. FS STYLISTA. Crown specially made by Yula Finesmith made for a stylista. ^-^
3. a big contract with Finesmith Jewelry Design
4. a chance to be on the Finesmith Jewelry ads and be advertised in various major sl magazines, photo taken will be posted on our catalogues,blogs and in store crediting the model.
5.  a chance to be included on the premiere model group of FINESMITH Divas.for all contestants.
6. To be included on the Finesmith Fashion promotion, shows, print work, live …
7.  the challenge winner will receive 5 minuts video created for her by AVCON! valued for 20k.

8. the winner will receive 6 photos portfolio made by the photographer Lybra Rage from All the Rage!

Show us what you got and we’ll be happy to see you all!

Yula Finesmith
Designer/Owner Finesmith Jewelry Designs

Innocence for 55 L$

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If you dont have or lost it, you now can get Innocence for only 55 L$ at DK Designs… They´re taking part in the 55 L Thursday and offer this Vest & Shirt Ensemble called “Innocent” You can choose between 3 Colours

I´m wearing comfy casual Jeans by TOGETHER INC. to match “Innocent”

Do the Moonwalk

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Yeah these Boots are made for walking… or better to say, they are perfect to do the Moonwalk. Clothing Set including these awesome Boots is by Kennedy´s Urban Wear

This beautiful Skin by Kennedy´s comes with several Hairbases as Tattoo Layer, even red and Platinum Hairbase to choose, of course black and blonde too, so it will fit really every Hair.

Kennedy´s is taking Part in the 55 L Thursdays, so just drop by and see what Goodie is on Offer for you this Thursday….

New Release by Finesmith

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Oh hell, this Jewlry really excites me. I couldn´t wait to put these new Beauties on, and Yula did once again pop up with fantastic Ideas:

“Tikara”, this beautiful Forhead Jewel is perfect for Roleplay or if you love medieval Stuff. It has a Script so you can change size, metal and gem colour…

now it´s getting painful again… one more piece of awesome Piercing Jewelry. “Sphitz” really goes right into your Heart

“Touch the Stars” : all proceeds will go to Give2live-for one month will be sold in the inviting price of 250L only in finesmith main store-
sale starts at november 16. So you can do Charity and look fantastic, what more Reason could you wish for to shop some?

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs


Happy Birthday Jane!

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Another Birthday at the Womens Dreamy Bodyshop Team. JaneDark Miles has Birthday today!

Zeljkogirl Solo and me wishing you all the Best for the next Year, may your Wishes come true and enjoy your Birthday!

Alles alles Liebe und die besten Wünsche für´s nächste Jahr, mögen deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen. Geniesse deinen Geburtstag!

These beautidul Skins are of course by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

And in Celebration of her Birthday Jane offers her Crystal Teardrop Earrings for only 42 L$ until 12 AM, so hurry to get this Birthday special Offer…