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Diamonds are a Girls best Friend…

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but not only Diamonds… We all love Jewelry, and so i got some News for you…

Lets start with two stylish Earrings:

WDB for GDU the Black Effect

WDB for The Couturiers Loft

Next up: Watch… Vincenca Rosca did release a whole Bunch of Jewelry Watches. No Function, less Lag, low Price, just looking great on you like this one here

Shirt is a new Release by (TC), casual and comfy with a nice sexy Touch, available in many different Colours, take a Look at the Mainstore.

Last but not Least: Finesmith has some awesome new Releases!

Credits: All Skins shown by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop


Punk Priestress

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This Collar by Tina Alder shows a Mixture between Punk Style and Influences of Celtic Priestress at the same Time which I absolutely adore. Currently available at a discounted Price at the Couturiers Loft.

The beautiful Skin is by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop, Hair by Yuna´s Hair

Collared by Finesmith

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Yula Finesmith created a stunning new Collection of Collars, inspired by the winning Models of her Model Challenge

Each Collar is Menu Driven, so you can change Textures, Size, Shiny, Glow… well you can change everything in them.

TP to Finesmith Jewellry