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Myrta Jacket by Mayden Couture, available at the Couturiers Loft only 70 L$

Mini Dress: Emma in Pinky by DK Design NEW RELEASE

a new Skin is in the Town

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You like it tan? Specially now during the Winter Months when everyone is pale… Womens Dreamy Bodyshop released this beautiful tan Skinline “Ashley” in many different Makeup Options.

The Skin comes with a optional Tattoolayer Hairbase, so its your Decision to wear a Hairbase or, in case its messing up with your Hair, just dont wear it

This tiny Miniskirt is by DK Design and recently released. available in 6 pale colours

The sexy Shirt is by DK Design too, it was the 55 L Thursday Deal this Week.

And finally, awesome Nails with Rings by Finesmith, this magenta colour simply rocks!

Are you ready to party?

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Friday is getting closer, a good Reason to get prepared for beeing hot. And Ladies, with this sexy Dress you will be really hot. And the best Thing is: it´s the 55 L Thursday Offer by DK Design. You can get it in blue, red or black.

These sexy Heels are the VIP Group Gift by Purrfect 10. The Group takes a Fee but the awesome Gifts you will recieve are so worth it.

I have posted another awesome Tattoo by Garden of Ku a while ago, and now this Dress is perfect to show you this beautiful Fullbody Tattoo called Neo by GoK. As all Tattoos there, it is a stunning detailled and realistic work and just different then the “usual” Tattoo.

Hair by Analog Dog , Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop