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More from the Designer Circle

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Time to show some more Goodies available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle, so here we go. As always everythings between 50 and 100 L and some lovely Dollarbies are also waiting for you

Abia Capalini is offering “Julie” which can be worn as lovelyDress or casual Style with Pants (also available in grey)

Vincenca Rosca is offering this Flying Heart Necklace…

By the way, this Skin is the newest Release by .::BeautyCode::. and i absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous Makeup!

“Blossom Babydoll” by Sascha´s Designs

Divine is taking part for the first time and offering this awesome Skin, and the Kiwi Eyes are offered as a Dollarbie by Divine. Earrings are the Dollarbie by .::BeautyCode::.

TP to the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle


Introducing: The .::BeautyCode::.Designer Circle

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The .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle presents you Fashion & Accessoires by several Designers (to name them: .::BeautyCode::. , :::Mu-Shi Doll::: , Sascha’s Designs, ICEWERK, Ibizarre , GLAMOUR, Mayden Couture, Abia Capalini Design, Badoura Design, Schwarz, [ILAYA]  ) , at a Price between 50 L and 100 L , you will also find some Dollarbies added as well, so its definately worth a Look

Skin: BeautyCode, available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle 90 L$

Dress: Mu-Shi Doll, available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle, 80 L$ (Bracelets included)

Dress: Mu-Shi Doll, available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle, 80 L$

Necklace: Dollarbie for Mu-Shi Doll, available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle

Earrings: .::BeautyCode::.available at the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle, 60 L$

Hair: Truth

red & black

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Skin: previous Groupgift by Al Vulo

Hair: Truth

Tattoo: my pinkie Skull/Insanya

Dress: !Right

Bracelets: Dollarbie at .::BeautyCode::.

Tights: LeeZu

Boots: Purrfect 10

in the Shadows

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Halloween is getting closer and the Love for dark things is getting more and more each Day. If you feel dark at Heart, take a Look at “Black Arts“. They offer awesome Gothic Dresses, pretty much romantic too, some Jewelry and Shoes, even Gothic Skins. I fell in Love with this beautiful Dress called “Benighted”. Hells are by Stiletto Moody, they have actually a 40%off Sale for Groupmembers, so its your chance to get some of these stunning detailled Heels! Hair is a Dollarbie by Tekeli-li, it´s scripted so you can change the colour of each single Deatil.The Jewel Set including the forever Bride Necklace and Earrings is the Pumpkin Print Hunt Prize by Finesmith . Finally, the beautiful pale Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. And you´re all set to visit the Shadows…


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Yeah, Hairsale, 50 % off Sales, Charity Sales, i guess im not the only one broke at the Moment. But, thanks to Seldom Blue you can be broke and still look fabulous! They sorted out some of their older Clothes and those are now available at Freebie Fashionista, and you won´t believe it, only 1 L$ each. This awesome Gown here is completely FREE! so you really should stop by…
Hair: Analog Dog

Skin: Dream Ink

think Pink

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think Pink Hunt is going on and Seldom Blue has again a wonderful Hun Item for you. This playful sexy Pink Dress. the Headband with Feathers is a lovely Accessoire and available as a Dollarbie. (Hint: it´s really close to the hunt item)

If you visit the Store, take a Look at the beautiful Lingerie they have on Offer!

Mainstore: Eternity Bride & Seldom Blue


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Yeah i got stuck with the Gothic Style… I visited Lapointe and Bastchild today and they have a huuuuuuuge Section with free Designs, for women and men, and now added a Section of free Gothic Designs as well. This is just one of the awesome Outfits yu can get there for free.

Gowns, Lingerie, even Boots and Jewellery, it´s really awesome what they offer for free…

The Earrings i am wearing are not for free, but the newest Release from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. The Teardrop Earrings come in different Colours, im wearing the Garnet Earrings.

Skin is from LeLutka, yeah one more 50% off Sale… and they have beautiful Skins.

Poses are from Shopaholic´s Anonymous. You´re Model, Blogger or Fotografer and looking for good and affordable Poses? Check this Store. There´s one Pose Pack as a Dollarbie, another one for 50L$ which still is an absolute Bargain.