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my favourite “The Cure” Song and also a cool Store for Neko Style Clothes. This Outfit here is called “Metro”, i love this Poncho, and it comes with Boots and Belt so you get a really complete Outfit ( and, it gives a nice Gothic Look as well, just in case youre not into Neko )

TP to LoveCats Mainstore

Gothic Lady

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Today i got stuck with the Gothic Style. Womens Dreamy Bodyshop has released a beautiful new Skin Series, Vanessa Pale, which is perfect for any Gothic Look (or Vampires or in case you just like it pale) Makeups are realistic and detailled as always. I love Pale Skin combined with red Hair and this stunning long shiny red Hair is from eXxEsS, they have fantastic Hair. The georgeous Gothic Gown is a free Design from Lapointe & Bastchild, check their Freebie Clothes they have awesome Stuff out, espacially if you like this Gothic, Vampire Clothes.


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Im really not into Drugs but yesterday i got some Opium. Opium not only has some really nice Gifts for Groupmembers, they also reduced the Price on some Clothes that had been copyboted. (Really clever, so Opium´s Clothes are cheaper then the copies) Beneath this they have a really nice Range of Clothes. This “Black Cyberpunk” Set comes with really cool Boots and is such a Bargain!
The Skin is a Groupgift by Inka´s Skins, available at Inka´s Mainstore. She has a Male Skin as Gift out also.
Hair by Truth (yes im actually really much in Love with Truth´s Hair as you notice)



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Yeah i got stuck with the Gothic Style… I visited Lapointe and Bastchild today and they have a huuuuuuuge Section with free Designs, for women and men, and now added a Section of free Gothic Designs as well. This is just one of the awesome Outfits yu can get there for free.

Gowns, Lingerie, even Boots and Jewellery, it´s really awesome what they offer for free…

The Earrings i am wearing are not for free, but the newest Release from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. The Teardrop Earrings come in different Colours, im wearing the Garnet Earrings.

Skin is from LeLutka, yeah one more 50% off Sale… and they have beautiful Skins.

Poses are from Shopaholic´s Anonymous. You´re Model, Blogger or Fotografer and looking for good and affordable Poses? Check this Store. There´s one Pose Pack as a Dollarbie, another one for 50L$ which still is an absolute Bargain.

Doll in a Box

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Sometimes beeing a little Doll isn´t bad at all… Just need to get out of this Box!

The lovely Lolita Heels are the newest Release from TOGETHER INC. and theyre available for 60 L  this Weekend. The fitting Doll Dress is also priced down to 60 L…

And the lovely Skin is from LeLutka, all Skins are 50% Price down at the Moment….