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Charity is Beautiful

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Oh yes it is. Do Good and Look good… The Project Donate is still running, one Sim full of Designers carrying Money for the Pakistani Flood Crisis. And it´s really incredible.

I couldnt resist buying this fantastic Gown by Miamai caled Lorelei. And really you feel like a Siren wearing this.

Hair: Maitreya

Skin: LeLutka



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This stunning Gown from Sascha´s Designs is called Zuzu Caffe, but when i put it on and hopped on my Posestand i simply felt like Venus. So Ladies, if you ever want to feel like a Godess, this is your Dress!

Im a Survivor

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I arrived back home. Not a big thing you say? Now, after i joined the Sale at Truth today and afterwards went to the Icon Hunt, im just glad i survived!

But well this was really worth it!

This stunning Gown is the Huntitem from Seldom Blue at the Icon Hunt. If you plan to go there, make sure you leave hair, shoes and ao at home and prepare yourself with enough food and water because you will be stuck almost all the time. But it´s really worth it as you see…

If you like it a little bit more sexy, this is the Huntprize from Convoitise.

The Hair is of course from Truth, the Hairsale for 50% Prize down is really incredible. On my Minimap it was all just green, almost no place to put one foot in front of another, but hey, the Hair is awesome!

Let´s Dance

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I love going out for a dance. There are so fantastic Ballrooms in SL (and not to forget fantastic dance animations !)

Now for my next Dance im all set with a fantastic Gown. Or better to say, 2 Gowns, hard to decide which one to wear first. I was at “Sascha´s Designs”. Sascha has put out a Gift for Group Members in Celebration of 5000 Members. Now joining takes a Fee, but its surely worth it. Take a Look at this awesome Gown

Also, Sascha is doing her own 10 L Hunt. In her Store (on the second Floor) there is one of the regular priced Gowns marked down to 10 L. Such an unbelievable Bargain for this Quality. Take a Look yourself!

Im wearing Skin Linda from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop and Hair from Maitreya 50% Price down so hurry!)

Like a Fairytale

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Let´s drift away into a dreamy World…

This wonderful Dress is from “TOGETHER INC.” With the wonderful lowcut Back and the detailled Texture it makes you look like an Elven Princess…