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New Release @ and Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Posted in Chic Critique, Random with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 23, 2010 by ravensfashiondiary has two really hot new Releases this Week. If it starts freezing Outside just wear this and you´ll melt any Ice

This one is called “Siren” and im sure any Sailor would crash into Riffs seeing this.

The beautiful Heels are the new VIP Groupgift by Purrfect 10. Joining takes a Fee but it´s so worth it!

The lovely Updo is by Chichickie, just when i wrote this i got a Subscribo Message, 34 Fatpacks of this Updo are for Sale for only 95 L$ at the Mainstore, hurry to grab these!

The Necklace is by Vincenca Rosca and fits perfectly to the really deep cut Cleavage

The second Release by is called “Addiction”, and im sure you can imagine why it has this Name

The Lovely Hair is the first Hair Release by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. They already offer beautiful Skins and Shapes, a hot Clothing Line and now completing this with Hair. Yela comes in black and blonde (Oh, This Skin is by WDB too)


Are you ready to party?

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Friday is getting closer, a good Reason to get prepared for beeing hot. And Ladies, with this sexy Dress you will be really hot. And the best Thing is: it´s the 55 L Thursday Offer by DK Design. You can get it in blue, red or black.

These sexy Heels are the VIP Group Gift by Purrfect 10. The Group takes a Fee but the awesome Gifts you will recieve are so worth it.

I have posted another awesome Tattoo by Garden of Ku a while ago, and now this Dress is perfect to show you this beautiful Fullbody Tattoo called Neo by GoK. As all Tattoos there, it is a stunning detailled and realistic work and just different then the “usual” Tattoo.

Hair by Analog Dog , Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

a lil weak, a lil strong

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I do love Romantic Stuff, just not too romantic please. And i do love strong Stuff. Best thing is to combine them, like this cute romantic Flower Dress (Groupgift by Bliss Couture) and the Black Leather Jacket by Lapointe & Bastchild. So you can show your weak Side but also state clearly you´re a strong Personality ; )

The beautiful Necklace & Bracelets are Free by Mariposa. Check their Closing Sale, beautiful Jewelry and Accessoires for a low Price and a Bunch of free Goodies as well.

Hair by Truth, Skin by LeLutka and Shoes by Shiny Things

Sexy Bargain

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Mon´s has a 50 L Sale at the Fashion House with some really sexy Stuff, im showing you what i took Home… the cool Looking Hair with Hat (and Earrings included) was a Groupgift from “Hair with EMO-tions“. Skin Linda is by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop, because of Lag they had to move their Mainstore again and now, they´re back on the Sim where they started one Year ago… Poses by Shopaholic Anonymous, made by a Blogger who knows what we want ; ) and f you join the Subscribo you get a free Pose…

casual Weekend

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Yay finally Weekend and nothing better to celebrate it and feel relaxed then putting on some really comfy Clothes! First Thing i do when i get Home from Work lol. 22769 is taking part in the Fashion Freak Hunt and you can get this really comfy casual unisex Clothing there. I love the striped Pants! The other Outfit is the current Groupgift and perfect for long Walks or wandering on Mountains. The Hair is a new Release by Analog Dog, “Tillie” is cute and has a nice casual Look fitting to this Outfits. Skin by LeLutka. Have a great Weekend!


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Im really not into Drugs but yesterday i got some Opium. Opium not only has some really nice Gifts for Groupmembers, they also reduced the Price on some Clothes that had been copyboted. (Really clever, so Opium´s Clothes are cheaper then the copies) Beneath this they have a really nice Range of Clothes. This “Black Cyberpunk” Set comes with really cool Boots and is such a Bargain!
The Skin is a Groupgift by Inka´s Skins, available at Inka´s Mainstore. She has a Male Skin as Gift out also.
Hair by Truth (yes im actually really much in Love with Truth´s Hair as you notice)


Groupgift @ Sascha´s Designs

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Sascha´s Design has a new awesome Groupgift out for this Month. Joining the Group takes a Fee but it´s surely worth it because there are monthly high quality Gifts to pick up. This Dress comes with a Whip but i was in a more pazifistic Mood 😉 And even without Whip im sure Men will fall down on their Knees…
The beautiful Skin is from Dream Ink, and they do have awesome Skins there, take a Look.
Jewel Set by Vincenca Rosca
Hair by Truth