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All I want for Christmas…

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Dress: My Precious by Agnes Finney “Rosaline”

Hair: Tukinawaguma

Wrapped in Ribbon

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Body by Eve is offering this Dress for 55 L Thursday this Week, so if you´d like to wrapped in Ribbons take your chance to get this Bargain

The crazy Hair by Tina Alder and the adorable Plateau Heels by Magnifico Exclusive are available at a disocunted Price only at the Couturiers Loft.

Finally Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

The Couturier´s Loft

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The Couturiers Loft has Grand Opening today, offering discounted Fashion & Accessoires crafted by German Designers. With Prices between 50 and 100 L$ we have some great Deals for you.

These beautiful Plateau Heels by Magnifico Exclusive are just one of the awesome Deals. I so fell in Love with them, look at these adorable Design. Perfect for any Party Outfit or crazy Outfits.

The “Crazy Hair” by Tina Alder are available at the Loft as well and this Crazyness fits perfect to the Plateau Heels …

You´re in a more elegant Mood? Take a Look at this lovely Dress by Ibizarre. It has a wonderful elegant yet sexy and playful Look…

And there´s much more to see, so stop by and take a Look yourself!

TP to the Couturiers Loft

Hunting Leaves

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No im no Cat chasing Leaves that fall down and get blown away by autumn wind, but Leaves are the Hunt Items for the Y Duck Top Model Fall Winter Hunt. And there are so many Goodies waiting for you out there. Check the official Blog for participating Stores ( and see Urls)  and Hints

Here´s some of the Gifts i took Home…

Skin: TMFW Gift by Eye Cand

Hair with Hat: TMFW Gift by be Happy

Nacklace and Earrings: A is for Autumn Gift by Magia

Bangle: TMFW Gift by Magia

Velvet Top: TMFW Gift by Charisma Designs ( comes with Pants)

Boho Skirt: TMFW Gift by Snowpaw Fashion

Shoes: no Hunt, Shiny Things

Poses: Shopaholic Anonymous

Happy Hunting! Catch that Leaves!

in the Shadows

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Halloween is getting closer and the Love for dark things is getting more and more each Day. If you feel dark at Heart, take a Look at “Black Arts“. They offer awesome Gothic Dresses, pretty much romantic too, some Jewelry and Shoes, even Gothic Skins. I fell in Love with this beautiful Dress called “Benighted”. Hells are by Stiletto Moody, they have actually a 40%off Sale for Groupmembers, so its your chance to get some of these stunning detailled Heels! Hair is a Dollarbie by Tekeli-li, it´s scripted so you can change the colour of each single Deatil.The Jewel Set including the forever Bride Necklace and Earrings is the Pumpkin Print Hunt Prize by Finesmith . Finally, the beautiful pale Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. And you´re all set to visit the Shadows…

from another World

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This stunning Hair really looks like it´s from another World. Vita´s Boudoir has released this Hair (you can choose between Tentacles or normal and it comes in 3 Colours, black, white and pink). The Skin is the newest Groupgift by Inka Mexicola, i love the beautiful coloured Makeup!

Hair Hunt @ Chichickie

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When i logged in this Morning i got the News that Chichickie is doing their own Gridwide Hairhunt. In each of the Stores youll find a nice Hairstyle for free. I haven´t been to all of them yet, but i already got 3 lovely free Hairs to show you