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New Release @ and Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Posted in Chic Critique, Random with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 23, 2010 by ravensfashiondiary has two really hot new Releases this Week. If it starts freezing Outside just wear this and you´ll melt any Ice

This one is called “Siren” and im sure any Sailor would crash into Riffs seeing this.

The beautiful Heels are the new VIP Groupgift by Purrfect 10. Joining takes a Fee but it´s so worth it!

The lovely Updo is by Chichickie, just when i wrote this i got a Subscribo Message, 34 Fatpacks of this Updo are for Sale for only 95 L$ at the Mainstore, hurry to grab these!

The Necklace is by Vincenca Rosca and fits perfectly to the really deep cut Cleavage

The second Release by is called “Addiction”, and im sure you can imagine why it has this Name

The Lovely Hair is the first Hair Release by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. They already offer beautiful Skins and Shapes, a hot Clothing Line and now completing this with Hair. Yela comes in black and blonde (Oh, This Skin is by WDB too)


New Release by Finesmith

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Oh hell, this Jewlry really excites me. I couldn´t wait to put these new Beauties on, and Yula did once again pop up with fantastic Ideas:

“Tikara”, this beautiful Forhead Jewel is perfect for Roleplay or if you love medieval Stuff. It has a Script so you can change size, metal and gem colour…

now it´s getting painful again… one more piece of awesome Piercing Jewelry. “Sphitz” really goes right into your Heart

“Touch the Stars” : all proceeds will go to Give2live-for one month will be sold in the inviting price of 250L only in finesmith main store-
sale starts at november 16. So you can do Charity and look fantastic, what more Reason could you wish for to shop some?

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs



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Pure Jewelry in this Post, Pure new Releases by Finesmith, Pure Beauty

Chloe´s Bracelet and Collar

Chloe´s Hallusinations Earrings and Necklace

Disturbia Veil

Lustful Cinderella

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Not getting as naughty as you may think now 😉 This awesome Gown by TOGETHER INC. is called Lust. I love the Lace Details and the sexy lowcut back. It´s elegant but clearly shows your sexy Side as well.
Womens Dreamy Bodyshop has some of their previous Collection Skins 50% off. This is one of them called Cinderella. So if youre looking for a affordable good quality Skin, take a Look at them. ( Eyes are by WDB as well, Carabic Blue)
Finally Jewellery. The FilefoldOrbitMonogramm Set is by Vincenca Rosca, and like most of the Sets you can change Metal Colours, and you can choose your Letter for the Monogramm. So this is your absolutely unique Necklace with your Letter on… Awesome


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I love Gowns hat flow around my Body with each Move i make. It has a special kind of Magic to dance and all your movements reflect in the flow of your dress, That´s why im absolutely in Love with this beautiful Dress from “Rock me Amadeus” in this wonderful deep red tone and the wonderfull moving Skirt. A Gown needs Jewellery. Perfect Occassion to show this new stunning Set called “Flower of Life” from Vincenca Rosca. It´s so full of Details, and it comes with a HUD so you can change metal and Gem Colours. Awesome!
The Skin “Virginia Citrus” by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop fits perfect to the warm red Colours.
Finally the lovely Updo “Tatiana” by Truth and im all set for a romantic Dance…


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Time for some Jewellery… can you ever have enough? NO

Jewellery completes your Style and makes your Outfit perfect.

Now this Jewellery is from Vincenca Rosca. She has just opened a new Mainstore and this Set is waiting for you as a free Gift

Vincenca has really stunning Jewellery Sets, unique and so detailled. This Set here is called “Miss Universe” and its my absolute Favourite

TP to Vincenca Rosca finest Jewellery

Skin is from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop, they have just opened a new Mainstore too