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Okay here comes new Releases by Ibizarre & TOGETHER INC & Right! Fashion ( which is also the 60 L Weekend Special) soooo lets start

“Leela Jumper + Blouse” is the newest Release by Ibizarre. White Jeans by (TC) by Tom Cosmos

“Sexy” is the new Release by Right! Fashion (well the Name tells it all). This Weekend you can get it for the Bargain Price of 60 L$. So if you plan to party or to date a very special someone, this is perfect to look great at a low Price

If youre in a more romantic, elegant Mood, here comes a new Release by TOGETHER INC “Greta Gown”

“Marla” is a recent Release by TOGETHER INC. A nice Vintage Look, perfect of you want to spend the Weekend with your Family

All Skins shown are by BeautyCode (formerly known as Womens Dreamy Bodyshop)

Im very Sorry but WordPress is messing so I can´t put in the Links to the Stores. But you will find them by Search for Sure. Have a great Weekend and have Fun Shopping around!


Remember Rita?

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Does anyone remember Rita Hayworth? The Prototype of a glamorous movie Queen and the Femme Fatale in fantastic Film Noirs. When i was younger and saw her the first time on a movie i was so impressed by her Beauty, and of cause, by the awesome Dresses she was wearing in her Movies.

Now today i got this new Release from TOGETHER INC and when i slipped into this Dress i felt like Rita. The retro Look of this straight but sexy black dress is awesome. I combined it with this beautiful Jewels from Aglaia, the Jewellery Sets are currently priced down so you can buy a set for 50 or 60 L$, and they do have awesome Jewellery!

new Vintage

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Something i always liked was combining old and new. Specially Vintage Stuff.

Today i got these wonderful Vintage Chair and Dressing Screen at “What next” for only 75 L$ an absolute Bargain (just in Case you´re a little Hobbyphotographer too, but would be awesome as Furniture as well)

As i said, i like to mix old and new. This wonderful Latex Lingerie is made by “Hugo Design” and has this kind of modern Vintage Look which i absolutely adore