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Queen of the Djungle

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The Couturiers Loft has a new Collection of discounted Fashion, Accessoires, Skins and Poses out now, and you can get this beautiful tan Skin by WDB there at the Bargain Price of 70 L$.

Finesmith Designs  is having their own Hunt (The forbidden Pleasure Hunt). Each hunt item is set for sale at a price ranged between L$1 and L$150 –  items inside are worth  L$250-1000L each so you will end up with some awesome deals and amazing jewelry from Finesmith.I show you two of these awesome Hunt Items here called “Swan” (the stunning Head Jewelry) and the Jewelry Coktail Earrings.

Just hunt for the little Apples hidden at the Store. Happy Hunting!


Diamonds are a Girls best Friend…

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but not only Diamonds… We all love Jewelry, and so i got some News for you…

Lets start with two stylish Earrings:

WDB for GDU the Black Effect

WDB for The Couturiers Loft

Next up: Watch… Vincenca Rosca did release a whole Bunch of Jewelry Watches. No Function, less Lag, low Price, just looking great on you like this one here

Shirt is a new Release by (TC), casual and comfy with a nice sexy Touch, available in many different Colours, take a Look at the Mainstore.

Last but not Least: Finesmith has some awesome new Releases!

Credits: All Skins shown by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop


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well usually pink is not my favourite colour but this sexy Dress by WDB is just too hot

This special discounted Dress is now available at the Couturiers Loft

The beautiful Skin by Mayden Couture is also available there.

The Couturiers Loft presents high quality discounted Fashion & Accessoires crafted by German Designers , so take a look around what we got for you….

Feeling Blue

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Silks: Body by Eve, 55 L Thirsday Deal

Skin: Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Hair: Analog Dog

Wrapped in Ribbon

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Body by Eve is offering this Dress for 55 L Thursday this Week, so if you´d like to wrapped in Ribbons take your chance to get this Bargain

The crazy Hair by Tina Alder and the adorable Plateau Heels by Magnifico Exclusive are available at a disocunted Price only at the Couturiers Loft.

Finally Skin by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Sexy Bargain

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Mon´s has a 50 L Sale at the Fashion House with some really sexy Stuff, im showing you what i took Home… the cool Looking Hair with Hat (and Earrings included) was a Groupgift from “Hair with EMO-tions“. Skin Linda is by Womens Dreamy Bodyshop, because of Lag they had to move their Mainstore again and now, they´re back on the Sim where they started one Year ago… Poses by Shopaholic Anonymous, made by a Blogger who knows what we want ; ) and f you join the Subscribo you get a free Pose…

Womens Dreamy Bodyshop has a new Mainstore!

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Yes, Womens Dreamy Bodyshop has moved and theyre now better then ever! The new Shop is bright and elegant and they´re offering a fantastic range of highly realistic Skins and Shapes, also some Fashion. Jewellery from Vincenca Rosca and Shops from Nadas, Addixion and SLC Fashion are around the WDB Mainstore so theres really a lot to shop here. And if you want to take a Photo with your new Skin and Dress, use the free Photostudio… Oh and maybe you might see me on the Catwalk working hard 😉

Oh, join the Group and get the fantastic Groupgift Skin for this Month!