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Table & Chairs: Whats the News Hunt Gift @ Relive the Fifites

Lingerie Set: Whats the News Hunt Gift @ Pink Mist

Jeans: (TC) New Release

Skin: Dream Ink.

Hair: Truth

Shoes: Shiny Things

Whats the News Octopussy?

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Remeber Paul The Octopus, which was choosing winning football teams during 2010 World Cup ? Well, Diavolicious was inspired by Paul and created this Paul-ine the Octopus Dress for the Whats the News Hunt. Just go there, search for the lil Newspaper Roll and feel like Octopussy

Whats the News @ 22769

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I have already shown you the Whats the News Huntgift for females at 22769. Paco and Manuel have been so generous to put out 2 Huntgifts, heres the Male one (BUT it makes also a wonderful unisex female Outfit. One of the best Part at beeing female is, you can always put on your BF´s Clothes and look fabulous!)

I bring you the News

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Lets travel back in Time, when Newspaper Boys were on the Streets offering the News to the People…

Well this Boy in Fact is a Girl, but she looks lovely in this Dress

Whats the News Hunt started today, and this retro Style Paperboy Dress is the Huntgift at Misera and comes with Hat and Bag. You just have to search for a Newspaper Roll (just like the one im wearing in my Hand)

Happy Hunting!

Whats the News Hunt

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The first Hunt of the new Year, starting on 01.01.2011

More Information about the Hunt :

Now this is the Female Huntgift you get at 22769 (you get a male and a female Gift there, I´ll show the male one later)

a wonderful Dress just made of Newspapers which are wrapped perfectly around your Body… I fell in Love with it on the first Sight. If you like crazy Dresses, youll love this one!

The Earrings are the WTN Huntgift at Womens Dreamy Bodyshop ( coming with a Necklace not shown here) but Ill give you a closer Look at them later…

Happy Hunting!